Sunday, May 3, 2009

Projects for this Coming Summer

Well folks, with my final exam tommorrow, I've at the point of accepting the fact that my Junior year of college here at the Citadel is coming to an end without completing nearly enough wargaming projects. However, with the addition of my blog, I'm sorta hoping that I'll have some better accountability with getting stuff done this summer (After OCS May21-July2). So here's a list of what I'd like to accomplish:

TERRAIN: I've got 100 3-in premade trees on the way from Asia, which I hope to rapidly base up before leaving for OCS, so my primary terrain will be done. I've also started building a 20mm Afghan village, and want to get my Eastern European buildings for my 28mm Poles done.

MODERNS: With the release of Force on Force, I delved deep into moderns after a lot of procrastination. I started trying out 15mm, but I just wasn't having fun painting individual figures in that scale. So I'm gonna go ahead and give 20mm a shot. I've ordered a bunch of Afghans from SyrHobb games, and I've started on an arid groundcloth to play over. I'd really like to get to some Modern Russians and Chechens if time allows

RENNAISSANCE: Maybe get a box or two of the Plastic Warlord minis and start my Imperial German army.

MEDEIVAL: I've wanted to do Medeivals for some time, and I'm thinking of doing either Dark Age Britain, War of the Roses, or maybe Eastern Europe (Poles, Teutonic Knights, etc.)

NAPOLEONICS; Still cracking away at doing a battalion or so at a time, maybe by the end of the year both divisions will be complete

WWII: I now have more Japs then I know what to do with. Maybe One Day I'll get somewhere with them...