Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flames of War Objective for the Competition

Several years ago, Battlefront miniatures hosted a diorama and objective modelling competition, into which submitted one of each. My diorama was based on the Ardennes, which I intend to post later, and my objective was a scene from Band of Brothers, designed to fit with the US Paratrooper company I had at the time. Since the new site, the pictures have dissapeared, so I thought I'd repost them here. The only thing I'm not happy with is the parachute canopy, but my creative juices died before I could develop an alternative.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer of 2008, Napoleonic Game

General De Brigade, 28mm Peninsular War Game

While it has been a while since this game, I do still have the pictures. It was one of my first games with the General De Brigade system, and thoroughly enjoyable, even if I was viciously destroyed... it involved a French brigade attempting to secure passage across the river, which was stoutly held by the British.

Playing the French, I failed to concentrate my efforts, and the result was a catastrophic failure. Once my first columns had been stopped, my decision to attack all three points meant I had no reserves to finish off the Brits with...

Still, it was a fun game, and I do really enjoy the rules...


Well, after considerable procrastination, I've finally gotten around to starting my own blog. I've wanted to do this for some time as a way of sharing my efforts in wargaming, as well as gaining motivation and encouragement from others, since I do a lot of solo wargaming. I currently game:

Napoleonics: 28mm British and French for the Peninsula, soon to be Spanish
Eastern Renaissance: 28mm Swedes and Poles, maybe Muscovites one of these days
WWII: 15mm Pacific Stuff, still very much a WIP
Korean War: Another WIP, with Chinese and Marines
Moderns: 20mm Marines and their enemies, don't game with them much though.

I look forward to the support of those who read, please feel free to drop me a line... we cadets tend to find ourselves rather bored after a while....