Thursday, March 25, 2010

28mm Ancients: Roman Legionaries

One of the big issues with being a wargamer while a history major is that on a regular basis I listen to accounts of different interesting wars, campaigns, and military forces. I then find myself wandering back to the barracks to see what miniatures are available. Well this semester saw me in a class on the Romans, and I made it a whole three weeks before I wanted to order some legionaries and barbarians. I talked my classmate Andrew (he’s normally a WWII tread-head with a soft-spot for Panzers) into joining me in my descent into ancients (It wasn’t too hard… he’s doing ancient Germans under the pretense that they’re the predecessors of the Wehrmacht haha). We each ordered a box of Ancients, and I got the Romans. I’ve only painted five, but they turned out well so I thought I’d upload them.

Warlord Games Legionaries I based them in preparation for Teutonberg Wald