Sunday, September 5, 2010

10mm Thirty Years War Catholics

Any of you that have gamed with me at some point, or read my forum posts across the various wargaming sites, have probably heard of my desire to game the TYW. Initial plans were to add to my 28mm Renaissance armies with some more Old Glory miniatures, but I just wasn’t too happy with the appearance of a unit of 8 pike-men flanked by 12 musketeers. After thinking about it and toying with the idea for over a year I took the plunge and bought some (a couple thousand) 10mm miniatures from Old Glory. I’ve painted three Tercios, and am quite happy so far, and the armies have only begun!

Three Catholic TerciosPictured here are the three tercios, one Bavarian and two Imperialist. While I doubt the actual soldiers of the TYW had anything near the uniformity seen here (I tried to give each Tercio and overall visible color), I like the unity each formation has.

Imperialist Tercio  Imperialist Tercio

The miniatures are based with plans to use them for Father Tilly or Warfare in the Age of Discovery with each base of ten 10mm miniatures in place of four 15mm. Suddenly my Tercios go from being 24 figure units to 60 figure units… and I think they look pretty good.

Catholic League, Bavarian Tercio

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