Sunday, September 19, 2010

10mm Thirty Years War Swedes

It’s getting down to the wire, I leave for The Basic School in Quantico, VA in two and a half weeks and I’m still madly working to try and get my Thirty Years War projects playable. I’ve got a Protestant Saxon regiment on my painting table, but in the mean time I snapped pictures of the 4 Swedish regiments of foot, and a horse regiment I had painted up. I’m also toying with some new photography techniques so we’ll see how this goes.

The Swedish Forces so FarFirst off is a picture of the Swedish regiments… under Father Tilly rules these world normally only be 12 infantry figures a unit, now represented by 30. I went with the blue and yellow brigades to start off, and made them fairly uniform since they were a mainstay unit.

Wargames 031First up is the Blue brigade… haven’t decided which flag to paint on the second regiment yet.

Wargames 033 Wargames 032

Wargames 039 Wargames 041

To point out that this is the Yellow Brigade kind of seems to be a statement of the obvious. I attempted to blackline the flag of the first regiment, but it just made it look like I hadn’t fully painted it so I’m going to repaint the banners.

Wargames 034Wargames 035 

To be completely honest I am not very happy with this first regiment of horse… Overall the painting kinda feels sloppy to me, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s just that the castings are rather rough, or my technique needs to be refined…

Wargames 057

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