Sunday, September 19, 2010

28mm Saxon Fyrd (Wargames Factory)

My Dark Age project continues as I progressively work my way through painting around 200 Viking and Saxon warriors. I was unhappy with my Old Glory Saxon Fyrd, so I ended up ordering around 96 plastic Saxons from Wargames Factory, and I must say they are some lovely miniatures! I’ve been speed painting in order to get as much done as possible so I haven’t painted their eyes or highlighted the hair and beards yet, but since I was snapping pictures today I thought I’d take a few of the Saxons. These are just the WF Saxons, I left the OG chaps out of the picture.

Wargames 044

Wargames 045 Wargames 047 Wargames 049

They haven’t come out too bad, and since they’re rank and file troops that will eventually be part of a horde I’m not too worried about them. As far as the actual miniatures go it is a great set with an endless number of options which makes your force extremely unique. I eagerly await the future releases from this great company!

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  1. Thanks - they look great! - Tony from Wargames Factory